Lollipops with Seed-Bearing Stick


Want a sweet add-on for a gift or pick-me-up for yourself?  These tasty lollipops have an unexpected surprise - the stick contains seeds to grow flowers!  That's right, when you're done with your lollipop, simply plant the stick (horizontally) in the ground, water it, and watch something grow.  Each flavor grows a different thing:

Green Apple & Chamomile (grow chamomile)

Blood Orange & Elder Flower (grow elder flower)

Lemon & Thyme (grow thyme)

Rosemary & Mint (grow mint)

Strawberry & Basil (grow basil)

Champagne & Roses (grow rosetta cosmo)

Lavender & Lemongrass (grow lavender)

Peach & Marigold (grow marigold)

Vanilla & Hibiscus (grow baby blue eyes)

Sage & Marshmallow (grow sage)

Blueberry & Nettle (grow stinging nettle)

Made in United States of America

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