How to Make a Dog Tuxedo

To get your pup red carpet ready, you will need: - a white button-up shirt (I got mine in the Men's section at Goodwill for $3 - just make sure the neck opening is clsoe to your dog's neck size) - scissors - stapler - black permanent marker - bow tie with elastic (from a party store for just a few bucks) img_4539 Use the scissors to cut the collar and cuffs off the sleeves. img_4541 Then use the cuff to test the size of your dog's "wrist"(make sure it's still large enough to slide over their paw), folding it over and then removing it from your dog. Staple the cuffs in place, being sure to staple from the INSIDE so the sharp part of the staple will point away from your dog. img_4542 Take a permanent marker and color in the buttons. img_4543 Wrap the bow tie around the neck of the collar with the elastic on the inner crease, so the collar flap folds over it. Gently place the collar on your dog's neck. DO NOT button the collar - you want it to fit loosely around their neck (and the elastic should hold it in place anyway). img_4548 Linus didn't mind trying his on one bit. Ha! img_4549 Once you're ready, slide the cuffs over the front paws. Then take a picture (or 83, if you so choose) of your dapper pup. img_3913 Save