Insulated Drink Pitcher (2L)


It's not just the looks of this pitcher that will make you a big deal. The 2 liter (66 ounce) stainless steel, copper-lined, vacuum-insulated, double-walled pitcher keeps your mixology just the way it should be. Whether it be shaken, stirred, chilled, steamed, or any other fancifully concocted serving suggestion - it can be enjoyed exactly as you intended. And, Don't Sweat It, your status will remain high because the double-wall technology also keeps the outside from becoming wet. So, no slippery pours or table ring stains. And lastly, to prove you have it all figured out - our silicone-sealed lid will keep what's inside, inside. No embarrassing spills during your travels.

Size:  5" diameter X 9" tall

Hand wash recommended. Not microwave safe. Not oven/stove safe.

Size:  10" diameter X 4" tall

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