Honey Hot Sauce w/ Scotch Bonnet Peppers


Jamaican-Me Hot! Our delicious Wildflower Honey combined with the fiery, fragrant Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers is a match made in heaven.   In fact, this product received the 2020 SOFI Award for the best and most innovative product in the BBQ and Hot Sauce category from the Specialty Food Association.

This Honey Hot Sauce from Savannah Bee Co. is made only for the brave. It’s tasty and hot. Their special recipe combines the two ingredients together to create a sweet and spicy combination that is as addictive as it is delicious. Wildflower honey has a sweet flavor, which is what you will taste first. However, the taste will quickly explode into a perfumey spice that makes everything taste so much better. 

Try it on everything and see for yourself. With one taste, you will be screaming Hone-OHHHHHHHH My Gosh, this is so good. You’ll be going back for more.

Size:  5 oz bottle

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