Kandice is the store owner/graphic designer/creative-in-charge.  She worked at Calligraphy Etc. (the store's name before it was Barque) when she was a student at Texas Tech.  After college, she moved to Dallas to work for an invitation designer for 7 years, then was offered the chance to buy the store that first inspired her love of paper!  She's a dog mom who loves to cook, garden and shop for antiques.

Trendy Stationer of the Year 2015

Favorite Product:  Le Crueset Dutch Oven

Favorite Holiday:  "I love ALL the holidays, but Valentine's Day is my most favorite.  I have a vintage Valentine collection, and I look forward to pulling it out every year and using them to decorate and enjoy.  All the punny jokes and retro graphics make me smile."

Favorite Color:  Red


Suzanne has been with our team the longest - since 2010!  She's a fun-loving mom, wife, friend and team member - and she's always got a smile on her face.  Suzanne is our Official Taskmaster - she helps keep our operations running in tip-top shape.  You might also recognize her if you frequent Las Vegas - her favorite hobby is playing the slot machines!

Favorite Product:  "I LOVE my Jon Hart items.  They have been on many trips with me and continue to handle the wear and tear of travel."

Favorite Holiday:  "My favorite day is Christmas Eve.  It is a 30 year tradition to celebrate with a Mexican food lunch with around 20 family members.  There is the anticipation of Christmas Day in the air."


Keesha is a Registered  Interior Designer by trade, but she's been using her creativity to help our customers with invitations and gift ideas since 2012.  She has an infectious laugh and is our team's our resident McGuyver - she can fix just about anything (with only a  paperclip and stick of gum).

Favorite Product(s):  "Jon Hart - My ride or die travel buddies.  Unique greeting cards - for ALL the occasions.  Corkcicle - you will see me with one 99% of the time.  Quality H2O."

Favorite Holiday:  "I always love an excuse to celebrate.  More so for anyone else but me.  Each holiday I like to celebrate for different reasons, so I don't know that I have an absolute favorite.  Regardless of season, holiday or event, each of those I get to spend with my family are the ones I enjoy the most."

Favorite Color:  "Black, matte black, black on black, oh... and Noir.  Glitter never hurt anyone either."


Kelsey has been on Team Barque since 2015, and she's played a variety of roles over the years to help us out.  She's cheerful, loyal and creative, with a flair for design and a knack for encouraging others.  She's also got some mad hand-lettering skills.

Favorite Product:  "My Jon Hart Clear Becky - I never leave home without it!"

Favorite Occasion to Celebrate:  "Reality TV Show Finales.  I love watching them with friends (Big Brother, Survivor and Bachelor in Paradise are my top 3!)

Go-to Karaoke Song:  "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa


Chance has been our reliable Hot Stamper Extraordinaire since 2017.  He is caring and meticulous, so you're sure to love how your Jon Hart looks when its done.  When he's not at Barque, you might find him managing the team at another local business, volunteering in the community or cuddling with his cute dog Coco.

Favorite Product:  Jon Hart McClip

Favorite Holiday:  Christmas

Go-to Karaoke Song:  "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond


Kaytlynn joined  the Barque team earlier this year, and her generous spirit has already been such a blessing to our team and customers.  She's always willing to step in and go the extra mile.  Kaytlynn is studying Interior Design at Texas Tech, so she fits right in with our other creatives! 

Favorite Product: "I can't live without my Corkcicle canteen or Jon Hart Makeup Case!"

Favorite Holiday: "Christmas is my favorite holiday because I get to spend time with my family. One of our favorite things to do is going to look at Christmas lights." 

Favorite Color:  Pink


Since Carley is a middle school math teacher, we only get to see her smiling face during school holiday breaks, but we'll take it!  She's extremely patient and creative, so she has great ideas for our customers and their gift giving or invitation needs.

Favorite Holiday:  "I love the Christmas season!  The colder weather and all the lights make me so happy!"

Favorite Color:  Blue