Bad Guy Blocker White/Silver - Barque Gifts
Bad Guy Blocker White/Silver - Barque Gifts

Bad Guy Blocker

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Take control of your security with the cute, lo-tech solution to a high-tech problem.  This Bad Guy Blocker is perfect for obscuring your laptop screen, tablet or phone from eyes that don't belong.  According to Tech Insider, "... people will get onto your computer and activate your camera and will look at what you're doing.  We see that quite a lot."  Um... no thank you!  Hey, if a certain Facebook founder and certain FBI director both cover their laptop cameras, maybe we should too.  Available in white/silver and black/pink.
Compatible with:
Laptops: All
Monitors:  All
Tablets:  All
Phones:  iPhone 6/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7s Plus, iPhone 8/8s Plus, Galaxy A6, Galaxy J (all versions), *iPhone X, *iPhone Xs, *iPhone Xr, *iPhone 11, *iPhone 11 Pro, *iPhone 11 Pro Max, *Galaxy s10 (all versions), *Galaxy A50, *Galaxy A10e, *Galaxy S9/S9+, *Galaxy Note 9
*May partially obscure screen

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