Bread Dipping Mixes

We are very excited to introduce these new bread dipping mixes... they're delicious!  The Barque team fave was the Benamati one because it's just a little spicy, but you can't go wrong with any of them.  The Tomato Bruschetta and the Tuscan options are great too.

One thing that is different with these mixes is that you rehydrate the herbs with warm water first.  It really makes them more flavorful!

After they have been rehydrating for about 15 minutes, you add Parmesan cheese.

Then add olive oil and stir to combine.  We are currently loving our new olive oils from Texas Hill Country.  If you want a milder flavored oil, try this one.  If you want a stronger/spicier oil, you might prefer this one.

Serve with sliced bread or breadsticks and enjoy!  It's sure to be a hit a your next get-together.