Crazy for Chiltons

People from Lubbock boast that the Chilton cocktail was born right here in the Hub City, so as you can imagine - it's quite a popular drink around here! 

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The Chilton Cocktail Collection

As a nod to this West Texas favorite, we've created a collection of products with the Chilton cocktail recipe on them - including a set of 4 glasses, beverage napkins, coasters and a cotton kitchen towel.  Any of these ideas are the perfect addition to your bar cart or kitchen - a little Lubbock, Texas flair (designed exclusively by Barque Gifts)!  As a gift for a friend or a gift for yourself - you can't go wrong with the Chilton Collection.  We just introduced these items a few weeks ago and keep selling out, so we know we're not the only ones who are crazy for Chiltons!  You can shop the entire collection here.

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Boxed Set of 4 Chilton Glasses

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Chilton Beverage Napkins

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