Valentine's Day Lockers

Love is in the air... and for our customers, we hope it's in their mailboxes too!  This LOVE-ly locker renovation is inspired by mail for and from your significant other - no matter what you call them! Here's a brief behind-the-scenes of our latest locker renovation.   Step 1:  It all begins with a vintage pink wooden chair (discovered at the Round Top Antiques Fair - score!) and a vintage mailbox (from an estate sale). Step 2:  Add a handful of gorgeously hand-lettered love letters (done by our talented @kelseylaineholt - check her out on Instagram).  You can't tell in the photo, but we glued these onto a small piece of cardboard so they would stay in place. Step 3:  Add more letters, piled (and glued) on top of a crumpled piece of paper. Step 4:  Add more envelopes to the wall so they look like an "explosion" from the mailbox. Step 5:  Step back and enjoy how cute and adorable your display is!  (Seriously, this is one of our favorite locker renovations yet - LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!  Thanks Kelsey!!!) Save Save