Team Letterpress Pizza Party

I'm so proud of our Barque Team, and thought it would be fun to show them a little love right before Valentine's Day.  This is the biggest our team has ever been (10 people now!), so I knew that hosting a Team Dinner in my house might be too tight... Luckily, I found a local artist on Instagram, Victoria Bee, who inspired another idea - a private Letterpress Class!  I thought it would be an interesting opportunity for everyone to learn about the process and enjoy time getting to know one another better...  but I also thought it would be fun to surprise them with the activity!  I asked everyone to save the date, with details to follow.  Then, the day of the party, I sent this text with a few hints... Barque Team Party Text on The party was a "Pizza & Letterpress" theme, so we got a few pies from Capital Pizza.   (Delicious!)  I made a Caesar salad too -  it's my favorite version that uses Greek yogurt.  You can get the recipe here. Capital Pizza on Aren't these cookies amazing?!  They looked so real! Pizza Cookies on Aren't these cups and napkins cute?  Our in-house lettering guru Kelsey hand lettered the words and drew the pizza, and we just had it printed on cups and napkins.  Slice Slice Baby! Slice Slice Baby Cups and Yum Napkins on We seriously have the BEST team!  Some have "real jobs" so they are only around a few times a month, and some are students with busy schedules, but they are ALL dedicated to customer service and sweet as can be...  love these folks! Barque Team Letterpress Party on For the Letterpress Class (held at Charles Adams Studio Project - CASP), Victoria gave us a little lesson about the history of letterpress, and everyone enjoyed digging through the letters to spell their name. Barque Letterpress Party on Letterpress Wooden Letters on It was also cool to play around with the wooden letters and vintage dies. Letterpress Fun Next came the "action" portion of the evening where we used a custom polymer die (created from Kelsey's hand lettering) to "letterpress" our own greeting cards.  THIS was super fun and everyone got to give it a try. Barque Letterpress Party on Barque Letterpress Party on Someone in Lubbock, Texas Loves You Card on Barque Letterpress Party on (Maddie and Emma, we see you.) Barque Letterpress Party on Do You Even Letterpress on (On the drying rack.  ALLLLL the heart eyes.) Someone in Lubbock Texas Loves You Cards by Team Party Favors Party favors for each Team Member included:  A heart shaped lollipop, a Barque logo t-shirt, a pizza-themed sticky note set and pizza-themed Valentine's Day card.  Just a few perks to reiterate that we appreciate them being a PIZZA the best team in town! Pizza Party Favors on Cheers, Kandice