The Party Can Go On, Even During a Pandemic

Friends, isn't it a weird world we are living in right now?  Everything is on lockdown, people are staying home, and yet... life is still happening.  

Custom Invitations During COVID-19

Loved ones are still having birthdays and graduating, and getting married and having babies... so how do we continue to celebrate these occasions while we STAY HOME?   We’ve gotten that question a LOT over the past few weeks, so we thought you might want to know how we’ve been handling it for others.  Hopefully it will give you an idea for how to proceed with your own celebrations in the coming weeks.

A Virtual Party

Yes, a Virtual Party is the answer, and it isn’t a new concept.  In fact, we’ve done invitations for a few of them over the years - wedding showers for couples who live in another country, or for a mom-to-be that is on bed rest and can’t travel.   We'll admit it's not a regular occurrence, but it looks like this might be the new normal for awhile. 

Printing actual invitations for a Virtual Shower or Party still provides a keepsake that can be cherished, and it still sets a festive tone for your celebration... but the wording will be different based on the type of event you choose.  Here are three different ideas we have recently used.

1.  Have  a “Shower by Mail”

Include wording about not being able to gather in person, but that you would love for the Bride-to-Be or Mom-to-Be to feel loved as they receive gifts and cards in the mail.  The wording could be something like...
virtual bridal shower invitation by
This type of event would be easy for participants to send gifts on their own time frame, and doesn’t take much coordinating for the honoree - they just receive lovely gifts in the mail!  (And then promptly mail “thank you” cards of course.)

 2.  Have a “Stay at Home Shower” or a “Shower from Afar”

For this option, incorporate a LIVE element.  Create a Facebook group with the guests to join and then have the honoree open gifts via live feed.  
virtual baby shower invitation by barquegifts.comThis open requires a little more planning - having the gifts all in one place for the honoree to open (ideally, their home), someone to video the live stream, etc.  But it’s a fantastic way for guests to see the honoree, even if they can’t participate face-to-face.

3.  Have a Virtual Party on a Video Conferencing Platform

If you want to have everyone interact with the guest of honor, schedule a video conferencing meeting (such as a ZOOM call).   Give guests the login information so they can hop on the call and talk by audio or video with other guests.  You can even get playful with the wording like this mom did for her son’s virtual birthday celebration.
virtual kids pary invitation by barquegifts.comThere are plenty of ways to "get the job done" if you still want to create an invitation for your upcoming event.  And we'd love to help you with it! 

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