5 Reasons to Shop Small



Today is Small Business Saturday, and we've got 5 reasons why you should "shop small" with businesses like ours!

1.  Sometimes Less is More No need to drive all over town or stroll down aisles and aisles in a big store to find the perfect gift.  We've already hand-picked a great selection of gifts just for you in our own little shop!  Quality and value are important to us too, so you can rest assured that we've selected items with this in mind.

2.  Help a Neighbor Shopping small supports local jobs.  Each time you purchase an item at a local store, you're helping us provide a paycheck to a friend or neighbor (and sometimes in our case, a poor, sweet college kid)!

3.  Show Love to Your Community Small businesses give back to the community.  We regularly donate money and products (or volunteer) to benefit local charities, schools, churches and other organizations that YOU care about.  Shopping small allows us to keep pouring more into the community we share.

4.  Friendly is Better At a small gift shop like ours, you won't be waited on by a  random teenager who just "needs a job".  Our employees are bright, friendly gals who genuinely want to help you!  Customer service is our first priority, and that's harder to find at large chain stores.

5.  Support the Dreamers Do you have a dream?  Well, small business owners do too!  Shopping small  helps keep our American Dream alive (and serves as affirmation to us that we're doing a good job for you). Thanks for shopping small with us today and throughout the year! Save