Pineapple Plates

While in Costa Rica for my brother’s wedding, my family took a half day fishing tour. When the young local fisherman presented us with a gorgeous pineapple snack – we were really impressed with his presentation skills! He used no fancy plates or utensils – just a pineapple, a cutting board and a knife.pineapple plate Basic. Beautiful. Delicious. And I've never cut a pineapple this way. Of course I asked him how he did it (so I could share with you). Wouldn’t this be fabulous at a Luau or backyard summer party? The best part is there’s virtually no clean up (aside from washing your hands and the knife)! pineapple First, cut off the top of the pineapple.  Then cut off the bottom. pineapple plates how to pineapple plates how to Then cut the pineapple in half. pineapple plates how to Next, cut out the core of the pineapple by slicing a “V” shape in the flesh.  Then cut again to create four equal pieces. pineapple plates how to pineapple plates how to Carefully use the knife to separate the inner flesh from the outer skin. pineapple plates how to Slice the pineapple into ½” sections. cute pineapple plates Position the slices so they alternate on the pineapple “plate” and serve. pineapple plates - how to carve your own pineapple plates make for easy serving This was my first time cutting a pineapple like this, so it isn't as pretty as the fisherman's, but it DID work.  And I'll definitely be giving this technique some practice in the warm months! {Did you know pineapples are ON TREND right now?  You can read more here.} Save Save