National Stationery Show 2019 Recap

National Stationery Show 2019

You guys might be used to seeing my National Stationery Show posts in May or June, but for the first time ever, this year's show was moved to coincide with the NY NOW Gift Show, so it was the first weekend in February (brrrr, btw!). NYC on I think I've lost count, but this was approximately my 17th (?) National Stationery Show to attend. If I'm honest, for the first time it felt weird (and a little sad). There were still many great exhibitors (and products), but there was nowhere near the usual selection to buy from.

So Little Stationery Options :(

Typically, I buy a few thousand cards with varying ship dates to arrive throughout the year so we have a great selection year 'round... but there just weren't enough options to choose from on this buying trip, so it wasn't as productive as most. I did collect lots of business cards, and I'll be combing through those for new vendors in the near future, but it's going to be a different year... and that's a little disappointing.

NSS on On the bright side...

I did find some really great products! Here's a sneak peek of a few of them. First up is great Family Tree - it's letterpressed and make an adorable gift for any family (or newlywed couple)! family tree on barquegifts.comFrom Colorbox Letterpress Designs family tree on Also, there are plenty of fun cards headed our way soon Thanks for the chuckle Pike Street Press Loved this one too, from Girl with Knife

Animated Greeting Cards?  Wow.

Was also super impressed with these new cards from Kineticards. They're great on their own, but if you download an app, their cards can "come to life" with animation. Such a cool added bonus! And very interesting when you think about the future of greeting cards and all the possibilities of including technology. Hmm... animated cards on Of course there were some STUNNING booths to oogle over too... like this one from Haute Papier. They made their entire back wall with actual order samples... can you spot MINE???? So cool! (all the heart eyes) Haute Papier booth on Also loved this booth from Rifle Paper Co. It was just so vibrant and full of beautiful products, it was intoxicating... Rifle Paper Co booth on Look at this beautiful new paper collection!Rifle Paper Co. paper goods on Also, isn't this booth display gorgeous too? Well done One Canoe Two! We also found a few new fun gifts... like these Taco Clutches. Seriously, you're going to love them this Spring/Summer! Taco 'bout a cute clutch!

NYC Life

NYC is always fun to visit - it's just such a different pace than Lubbock, Texas.  This trip was filled with delicious food, colorful experiences and plenty of quality time with a few of my "stationery peeps" - and that's always time I treasure. Dinner at GATO was terrific (as always) Tried Maialino, and had "crispy suckling pig face" for the first time. Pretty tasty (once you get past the actual face! ha.) One of the highlights of this trip was the trip to Color Factory. It was just a delightful, colorful, sensory overload! If you're in NYC, you definitely need to go. Color Factory on barquegifts.comColor Factory entrance Color Factory on Color Factory on barquegifts.comThis was a fun room - like "choose your own adventure" but it the end revealed your favorite "secret color"! (Mine was Cyber Frog Green) Color Factory on It was a quick trip, but overall it was a good one. Thanks for being so gracious NYC. Love you, see you next time!