Mad Scientist Party Custom Invitations

Mad Scientist Custom Invitations

If you've known us for long, you know that custom invitations are our specialty. We've created invitations for all KINDS of fun themes. This Mad Scientist Party invitation was really fun to design. My mom has been a physics teacher for almost 40 years, and our family usually refers to her at the "Mad Scientist"... ha! When this customer told us the theme, she said we could use our creativity to come up with whatever we wanted - and we think the end result turned out great! We love it when you trust us to do something fun. 

Some of the inspiration for this design came from folded notes I have printed for my mom in the past - spelling out regular words with periodic table elements. Fun Facts (Behind-the-Scenes): The microscope in this photo is part of our regular display at the shop (behind the register). The books are from my fireplace mantel (not actually science-y at all). The flasks are from my mom's stash, and they are filled with liquid to match the invitation. mad scientist party invitations on The bubbly green concoction is Perrier + Green sugar sprinkles. Ha! behind the scenes photo props on The yellow is... Corona... which is NOT suitable for a child's birthday party - but the color and bubbles were perfect for the photo.

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