Hot Dr Pepper Cider

So many of you messaged us for this recipe, so here you go!  Hot Dr Pepper Cider has been a staple in Kandice's family for years, so we're excited to share it with you.  It's so easy - and delicious!  You can take it a-carol-ing or just whip up a batch for a cozy night by the fire.  Enjoy! Hot Dr Pepper Cider 1 part Dr Pepper 1 part Apple Cider Red Hots (cinnamon candies) In a percolating coffee pot, combine one part Dr Pepper and one part Apple Cider.  In the basket, add Red Hots (in a large batch, we usually use 1.5 liters of each liquid and 1 small package of Red Hots in the basket).  Heat until the candies melt, then serve hot. *Tip:  The beauty of this recipe is if you're only making one CUP in a mug, you can do half and half of the liquid, then just toss in a few candies and stir them around until they melt.  Yum!