Gardening Gift Ideas

If you need a gift idea for someone who likes to get their hands dirty in the garden, we've got great options!  Here are a few of our favorites and why.

Arm Saver Gloves - They're pretty AND they're long enough to protect your arms from getting torn up by thorny bushes.

Garden Shears - Don't let these shears fool you - they may be cute because they're girly colors, but they really are sharp and useful!  They're made with Japanese blades that are strong and made to last.  

Ceramic Herb Markers - These herb markers put an elegant twist on traditional garden labeling.  We love that they are reusable, colorful, and a lot more attractive than the plastic ones.

The Garden Colander - This basket is so clever and handy (and available in two sizes).  It's perfect for gathering vegetables or flowers from your garden and taking them straight to the sink to wash.

Weeder Gloves - These gloves have a latex coating to keep your fingers and palm from getting too wet in the mud, but the back has a breathable material so you don't get too hot in the Summer.  They're also machine washable!

Hori Hori Knife - This double-sided knife is the ultimate tool for gardening.  A straight edge for cutting, a serrated edge for sawing through roots, and a ruler edge for measuring the correct depth when planting.