Clothesline Custom Baby Shower Invitations

Custom Baby Shower Invitations

Need baby shower invitations?  Do you know we can completely customize them for you?  Whether it's to match the the baby's nursery theme or colors,  we can design something specifically for your event.  We've even created a design based on what the Mom and Dad-to-Be have registered for! 

Baby Clothesline Custom Invitation

This baby boy clothesline invitation is the perfect example of showing how we can personalize an invitation. The idea started off with this cute but very generic clothesline idea for a baby shower invitation.   Then we thought we could make it more personal by designing the clothes on the line after items on the baby's registry ( like this onesie): baby registry on So we changed the design to include items in the colors and style of their baby's future wardrobe... and then added a personalized envelope liner with the baby's name just for fun! Baby Boy Clothesline Custom Invitations on Another way we have added details to this type of invitation is by making it 3 dimensional.  This makes the clothes "pop" off the page and is a fun way to add depth and interest to this look.  It only took a little more effort to cut out the outfits by hand and affix them with a .foam square, but we think the cuteness is worth it! Twin Boy Clothesline Custom Invitations on