Charcuterie Board for Two

If you're keeping things low-key this Valentine's Day, a Grazing Board for Two is the perfect idea.  You can still make a cozy evening in for you and your sweetheart (or small family) fun and memorable.  Fill a small board with your loved one's favorite snacks (and maybe a few surprises) and cozy up for an evening of snacking and conversation!

Charcuterie Board for Two

Here are a few of my favorite tips for creating a Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board that your sweetie will LOVE:

Have a Heart

Including hearts in your board instantly makes it festive, and you can do that a couple of ways.

 I trimmed our honeycomb into a heart shape and added heart-shaped chocolate covered pretzels, but you could also carve your strawberries into hearts or use a cookie cutter to cut heart shaped slices of cheese.

sweetheart charcuterie board on

Make it Sweet and Salty

Make sure you have a variety of treats for your love - of the sweet and salty variety!  In addition to the usual meats, cheeses, olives and nuts, try a few unexpected options like popcorn, dried fruit, a mini jam, candy or your favorite chocolate bar (broken into chunks).

charcuterie board for two on

Pro Tip:  If you're adding items that are round and could roll away, create a "container" for them by stacking up cheese or something else to block their path (like I did with the popcorn, blueberries and marcona almonds).  You can also use tiny ramekins like I did for the olives.

All Things Rosey

To give this Valentine's Day board a little extra flair, we added a port cheese (yes, because it's pink!) and Genoa Salami Rosettes, which are super easy to create. 

Here's how you do it:

genoa salami rosettes DIY

1.  Fold a slice of Genoa salami *almost* in half.

genoa salami rosettes DIY

2.  Roll it up from the creased side.

genoa salami roseettes DIY

3.  Pinching the rolled up base, expanding the "petals" on the other end.

genoa salamii rosette DIY

4.  Use a toothpick to secure the base.

genoa salami rosette DIY

5.  Repeat individually (if you want to space out the rosettes on the board), or cluster several together to create a "bouquet".

charcuterie board for two on

Need more ideas to get started?  Check out our Charcuterie Board and Snack selections HERE.

There you have it - a romantic board for two - perfect for Valentine's Day (or just your next date night).  Get creative, have fun and enjoy!