Bad Axe Team Party

Axe Throwing Party

The team that throws together, grows together... isn't that what they say? Well our Barque Team had a BLAST throwing axes at Bad Axe Raider back in May. I first discovered them on Instagram and immediately thought it would be a fun team-building experience. I was a little nervous that some of the girls would be intimidated, so I decided to leave it a surprise. Team members were asked to save the date and time and await details. On the day of the party, everyone was invited to pick up their "instructions" for the evening - basically their invitation tied to a t-shirt.

The Custom Invitation Tag

bad axe team shirts on They are such good sports! Everyone showed up (and followed the instructions). After a quick consent form and a brief safety lesson, we were throwing axes! bad axe raider building on barquegifts.comBad Axe Raider is located at 1408 Avenue F - Lubbock, Texas throwing axes at bad axe raider on  throwing axes at bad axe raider on The staff at Bad Axe Raider was so helpful, making suggestions and showing everyone how to improve their throw. We also got to try throwing different axe styles, which was interesting. For dinner, the team feasted on delicious Evie Mae's Barbecue (CHOPPED meat... get it?), salad and Red Velvet cupcakes from A Ruffled Cup. evie maes bbq on cheese board on And of course we snacked on a cheese board with a mini axe cheese knife and tiny Kelle B Jammin' jam. bullseye cupcake on Because I'm a sucker for details, I had trophies made to surprise the team at the end of the night. Awards included: Bad Axe Champion and Runner Up, Most Improved Axe Thrower, Axe Safety First Officer, Sharpest Style Axe Thrower, Bad Axe Cheerleader and Most Likely to Hit a Bystander with an Axe - ha! axe throwing trophies on Thank you for having us, Bad Axe Raider! And a very special THANK YOU goes out to this amazing Barque team for being so much fun to work (and play) with. Love you all! - Kandice