A Note from Teacher

teacher notes to students on barquegifts.comphoto credit: @jsscytn

Custom Folded Notes

This past Spring, we were so inspired by Jessie, a loyal shopper and local middle school teacher. She had us customize folded notes for her to write letters of encouragement to her entire class before their statewide test. We just love what she had to say about it:

" Tomorrow, my kids take their reading STAAR test. It's four hours long, a ton of reading, and intimidating. When I wrote their notes this year, I wanted to be sure they know I love them: when they're crabby and dramatic and irresponsible, and ALSO when they're saying and doing things that feel like glimpses into the incredible, fully adult people I know they'll grow into. I know their potential. And I know that so much of that can't be measured by a test. Every day, my kids beat odds, and persevere, and overcome, and show so much strength. This test doesn't measure that. But, it can measure their incredible growth, in this one way, and I'm so proud of the work they're going to put in to show just how much they've grown. I hope they read these notes and know I love them, that I'm on their team, and that they make me so, so proud." - @jsscytn

To Jessie and all the other teachers out there, we appreciate you! And we're proud of YOU encouraging these little humans to be their best. Thank you!