Upscale Lunch Bag


Bringing your lunch to work has never looked so sophisticated and stylish!  We love how this grown up version of the lunch bag (called a Lunch Poche - French for "Pocket") is designed to complement foodie, fashion and wellness focused lifestyles.  Purposeful features include a removable insert lining for easy cleaning, an optional messenger strap for ease of carrying, and an inspirational name tag inside to remind you to live with intention.  These bags are inspired by Turkish bath towels, and constructed of linen blend fabric with tonal trips and gold hardware.


- Linen/Cotton exterior fabric and Washable Paper Fabric (Blush option)

- Insulated Interior

- Linen options are machine washable (gentle cycle, cold) - no dryers please;  Blush Pink Paper option is hand wash only - no washing machines

- Removable insulated insert for easy cleaning

- Detachable strap for the option to wear as a messenger bag (47")

- Extra back pocket for cutlery and love notes


Large Lunch Poche Dimensions:  9" x 5" x 8.5"

Petite Lunch Poche Dimensions:  7" x 5" x 7.5"

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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