Small Batch Artisanal Salami


Small batch salami, handcrafted by an artisanal charcuterie maker in Basalt, Colorado. Made from all natural Berkshire Pigs raised on pasture at small family farms in the Upper Midwest, fed a 100% vegetarian diet, and never given any antibiotics or growth hormones throughout their life. Happy pigs raised sustainably allow them to make the best products possible using all natural curing methods with Sicilian Sea Salt and Celery Powder. Taste the difference in every bite, this salami packs a flavor punch from the premium spices, local wine and whiskey, and hand crafted techniques that go into every single piece.   Made in the USA.


Black Truffle Salami - A Genoa Style Salami Seasoned with Carboy Malbec Wine and Fresh Black Truffles.

Diablo Salami - A Calabrese Style Salami Seasoned with Carboy Malbec Wine, Toasted Fennel Seeds and Calabrian Chiles.

 Saucisson Basque Salami - A Basque Region Salami Highlighting Espellette Pepper, Carboy Winery Chardonnay, and Saffron.

Spanish Chorizo Salami - A Spanish Style Salami Seasoned with Pimenton Smoked Paprika, Garlic and Oregano.

Finocchiona Salami - A 2018 Good Food Award Finalist - A Traditional Italian Salami Seasoned with Toasted Fennel Seeds, Fennel Pollen & Ground Fennel.

Size:  6 oz.

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