Spirit Infusion Kits


Staying in for dinner & a movie?  Entertaining guests? Looking for a gift to please?

We suggest MixCraft.

No gritty ingredients to strain out, no chunks of dried yuck floating in your drink. (Plus, who wants a bottle with a dusty film coating the inside?) No added sugar—just fresh, incredible taste that comes from the highest-quality all-natural fruit & spices.

Each kit even comes with the funnel for bottle filling, so there’s no mess when mixing.  Each kit makes up to 16 drinks, but you can re-infuse the ingredients twice if you want more bang for your buck.

How’s it done? 

Using the silicone funnel included with your kit, fill the bottle to the neck (about 1.5 cups) with your choice of spirit, leaving the included Potion Pouch submerged inside. You can choose your favorite- Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, or Bourbon make great choices.   Or choose hot water for a custom alcohol-free beverage. 

Steep your bottle on the counter for 2 days or to taste. Chill or freeze. If you like your liquor straight, stop right there, and sip (or shoot?) to enjoyFeeling fancy? Take it to the next level, and swirl up a custom cocktail.  Recommended recipes are available on Food Network’s Food.com site.

Re-infuse to craft a second batch ASAP, if desired. Your first infusion made 8 shots or the alcohol for 8 cocktails. The flavors of the second infusion may be less pronounced, but still as tasty. If re-infusing, we recommend doing so ASAP for the fullest flavor. When complete, discard the Potion Pouch.

Made in the United States of America


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