Olive Oil Dispenser


Cook the tastiest and healthiest meal for your family by keeping your olive oil protected from the exposure of oxygen, light, and heat with this Complete Olive Oil Dispenser Set.

Made with high-quality glass that is thick, durable & shatter-resistant. The package comes with 1 glass bottle, 1 pouring spout, 1 pouring spout with dust cap, 1 funnel, 2 pcs black cap & 2 pcs inner cork. Manageable Pour Spout: The silicone airtight seal cork and anti-overflow air duct completely controls the amount and flow of oil that comes out in every pour with little to no leak or spluttering mess. Designed so that oil does not run down on the bottle and stain your table or countertop. Constructed with a 304 stainless steel easy flip cap and easy seal cap that helps protect your expensive oil from all the environmental factors that could affect its flavor and freshness. 

Size:  11" x 3.27" x 3.2"

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