Spa Salt Soak


The next best thing to floating around Fiji! Relax those tight muscles & unravel the strains of the day while nourishing your skin with a special blend of salts & essential oils. Draw a warm bath and let these product take over to nourish your skin.  Salt is a natural skin brightener, so this makes a wonderful gift.

Size:  24 oz glass jar


Fragrance Notes:

Black Pepper - strong black pepper oil, vetiver, bergamot, and musk round out this rich and exotic blend.

Blood Orange - a sweet blend of ripe blood orange infused with fresh goji berry, raspberry, and strawberry.

Cashmere - a spicy floral scent as found in an Oriental garden. Strong jasmine, rose, and tuberose followed by orange, black pepper, and musk.

Charcoal - draws out impurities in the skin, smells like charcoal.

Coffee - smells freshly brewed!  Coffee helps make dry skin silky smooth.

Lavender Garden - a rich and enticing scent, like you're standing in a field of lavender.  Promotes calm and ease.

Lavender Lemongrass - a unique blend of lemongrass and lavender. Powerful and invigorating, while uplifting and tranquil.

Relaxation - clear your head with peppermint, lavender, spearmint, and eucalyptus. 

Salt and Sage - top notes of sea air, salt, and mineral textures of sand and stone. Driftwood, seaweed, and strong sage.

 Vat 9 - a truly special blend that opens up with cranberry, clove, honeysuckle, and cedarwood followed by vanilla sugar and nutmeg.

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