Necklace Wrangler (set of 3)


Never have tangled necklaces again!  The necklace wrangler is a fast and easy way to store your fine-chain necklaces tangle-free.  Designed by two professional jewelers to keep necklaces safe during travel - in your pocket, in your purse, in your suitcase... anywhere!

Step 1 - Tuck the clasp into the slit on one end

Step 2 - Wrap snuggly around the wrangler

Step 3 - Tuck the charm into the slit on the other end

Step 4 - Toss anywhere and go!

Each necklace wrangler has a wool felt interior that is sturdy enough to hold even the most delicate chains securely, but gentle enough to not damage them. The exteriors are coated with a specialized soft touch coating so they feel luxurious.  3 pack necklace organizer with 100% cotton muslin drawstring bag included. Plastic free product and packaging.   Made in United States of America

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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