MyAgenda Desktop Planner (July 2021 - December 2022)


This planner was a fan favorite for years… then 2020 got us all off track - ha!  We’re bringing these back to help you get into the swing of things again.  No matter what you’re planning, the myAgenda Desktop Day Planner is here to help. Sometimes the only thing that can give you peace of mind is an organized schedule, written down on paper where you can see it. Fortunately, this myAgenda planner was designed specifically for busy people like you.

The unique layout features separate spaces for your schedule, plus four extra spaces per day to keep track of all your commitments. Effortlessly manage your kids’ schedules, workouts, work projects, social activities, pets, meals, you name it. There is so much space to plan, you can really use it your way! Available in 4 gorgeous new colors.

Desktop Planner Size:  7” x 9” x 1”


- Unique week-at-a-view format with monthly views, too, for easy breezy planning
- 18-month calendar runs from July 2021 through December 2022
- 2 ribbons to keep your place (and easily toggle back and forth)

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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