Our Favorite Beach Blanket


This is our absolute FAVE beach blanket! It's large (6' x 7' feet), soft (and gets softer after washing), and the sand (even wet) doesn't stick to it. Seriously - it's our fave. It's not just a beach blanket though - it's perfect for summer picnics or lazy lounging in the park or backyard. This blanket is so lightweight and easy to pack that you can even take on an airplane to keep you cozy in-flight.

These blankets are woven, made in Mexico, using the softest traditional Mexican fabrics.
Size: 6' x 7' ft ( 180 x 200 cm ).
Materials: 40 % Recycled Cotton, 30% Acrylic and 30% Polyester Fibers.

For best care wash it with like colors on a gentle cycle and let it dry. Avoid using bleach and tumble dry to keep your blanket as soft and colorful as possible.

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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