Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter Journal

As mothers and daughters, how much do we share with each other, and how might our lives be enriched if we dared to be more open? With sensitivity and thoughtfulness, this interactive keepsake journal provides the space and encouragement for mother-daughter conversations. Co-written by a real-life mother-daughter team, Meredith and Sofie Jacobs, advice, guidelines, and visual prompts set the stage to express anything and everything - from friendships and growing up to life at school, work, and on social media, to the secret fears and hopes that run through it all. Featuring inspirational mantras, notecards, stickers, stencils, and certificates of appreciation, this shared journal has all the essentials to cultivate shared respect and deep understanding in one of life's most important relationships. This eye-catching journal and keepsake is an ideal tool for initiating difficult and important conversations between mothers and their daughters. Perfect for moms and daughters who are already close, it is also a shared resource for any mother-daughter pair looking to deepen their relationship! Includes: Advice and guidance from a real mother-daughter team Writing prompts to get the conversation started - and keep it going. Drawing activities to draw you out and keep it fun. Interactive content such as stickers, stencils, and more Notecards, mantras, and certificates of appreciation to encourage one another.

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