Gratitude Journal for Kids (ages 5-10)


Teach kids mindfulness and positive thinking, by bringing it into their daily routine!  This 5 minute daily gratitude journal is a brilliant way to encourage children to practice gratitude, mindfulness and positive thinking - by incorporating it into their daily routine!

This would be a great activity to do at bedtime and shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes - making it something that is manageable to do every day.  Going to bed for the day with positive thoughts in our mind, is a great way to complete the day.

Each day has a new sheet to fill in with...

  • The date at the top
  • A section to write three things you're thankful for that day
  • A section to share a memorable part of your day... by drawing, using stickers, sticking in something from the day, (for example; a ticket or a photograph) or simply by briefly writing it down
  • A circle space to draw your very own emoji
  • A separate page on the right, to write about the best part of that day. Plus a different prompt for each day of the week. For example; "today, I was most proud of...."
  • 120 pages

While there is a good amount of space to write and draw in each day, your child can use as much or as little of the space as they like.

Not only is it a great notebook to look back on and remember what positive things have happened on a given day, it's also a great way to log and take notice of the little things, that we so often forget about.

Whether you want to get this for your own child, students, or relatives - it would make a thoughtful gift!

    Size: 6" x 9"

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