Gracious Gobbler Gift Set


The Gracious Gobbler is a precious gift for any family this Fall.  It includes a soft, plush turkey, a beautifully illustrated picture book and a pack of 28 note cards to be left "from the Gracious Gobbler" in the month of November.   Here's how it works:

  • First, welcome the Gracious Gobbler into your home!  Allow your kids to hug and love your turkey, keeping him present as a reminder to be kind and compassionate, and to show gratitude.
  • Read the book with your family and discuss focusing on positive things happening around them.  By making intentional efforts to show small acts of kindness and encouragement, it makes us even more grateful for the kindness shown by others.
  • Each evening, at bedtime, dinner, or any quiet moment, reflect as a family on the day.  Encourage children to share moments they showed or received kindness and the impact those interactions may have had.  Not every day is a great day, and that’s OK too! 
  • Once the kids are in bed, an adult should write a note “from the Gracious Gobbler” on one of the cards provided and leave it for the family to read together the following morning.  The note should be sincere, clear, and identify the specific behavior for which it is delivered.  Recognize whoever you feel is deserving of a note from the Gracious Gobbler that evening.  There may be times that you feel it is necessary to acknowledge more than one person on a given day.
  • Although gifts are not necessary, if you feel a small token of appreciation left with the note is deserving for someone in your home, that is entirely up to you.
  • The night before Thanksgiving, put your turkey away for the following year.  If you have saved your notes, Thanksgiving is a perfect time to read through the notes you have accumulated and recognize your efforts in creating a world of kindness and the grace you have brought into your home.

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