Fruit Cake Soft Play Food

Age: 3 - 8 Years
Has somebody got a birthday coming up? Or maybe it’s some other celebration. Or maybe it’s just because we like the taste. With this fruit cake, junior gourmets are ready to welcome special visitors at all times. The cake can be topped, sliced and served as you like. Enjoy! Contents: 4 pieces of cake, 2 lemon slices, 4 mandarin orange slices, 3 kiwi slices, 4 strawberry halves, 3 blueberry portions, 1 plate, 1 knife. Materials: polyester, PP. Dimensions salad strainer: Ø 7“. • pieces of cake made from fabric (for “cutting”) • plate and knife also suitable for playing with in sand or snow • high-quality, robust plastic parts for extra durability • different combinations possible • perfect for a variety of role-playing games, on your own or with friends • great addition to any shop assortment

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