Halloween Paper Decorations


Want to create a SPOOKY table this Halloween?  Layer a spiderweb paper table runner with disposable place mats and paper accents.  Then add... candy!  It's so easy and adorable. 

Choose a table runner to roll down the full length of your table or get creative and run shorter lengths across from person to person.  Then layer on coordinating place mats and table accents for a stunning Fall table that has the easiest clean up!  Designed in printed in the USA using 50lb text weight paper.

Table Runner Size : 20" x 25 feet long

Rectangular Place Mat Size: 18.38" x 12.38"

Die Cut Place Mat Size: 16" x 15"

Witch Hat Table Accent Size:  9" x 5"

Articulated Skeleton Size: 20" tall x 5" wide

Creepy Crawly Confetti Size:  vary, 6-8" long

Black Cat Place Card Size:  5" x 5.5"

BONUS Idea - use the table runner paper as gift wrap!

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