Cooking Scrappy


This ground-breaking cookbook from the food-stoked star of the A&E series Scraps and the National Chef of Sur La Table, Joel Gamoran shows how you can make the most of what seems like nothing - just the scraps!  Includes 100 recipes that will expand your mind and the way you cook.  Cooking Scrappy saves you money, helps to save the planet, and ups your cooking game. 

Say goodbye to the guilt from throwing out food!  The stuff you always thought of as trash just became the main course. Look into the fridge. At first glance it might not look like there’s much to eat, just a mishmash of ingredients that don’t go together. But carrot tops can be pesto and brown bananas are the start of an incredible cake. Suddenly you have uncovered an undiscovered treasure chest for making the most out of "nothing."

Think outside of the recipe box—learn to be creative when it comes to making food. Resourcefulness is an essential part of cooking; Gamoran’s experiences in culinary schools and as a professional chef have taught him that everything in the kitchen can, and should, be used. His relaxed laid-back tone tackles a serious subject. It embraces a lifestyle that eliminates waste, helps the environment, and enables home cooks to stretch their food budgets.

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