Bubbly Wash (2oz)


Bubbly wash is highly concentrated and infused with nutrient-rich Phytocura™ complex, made of precious rose petal extractions and pure mandarin oil. This convenient flip-top container covers 18 baby washes.

Natural suds glide gently over hair and skin, then rinse away pristine clean without a drop of residue. This bubbly ph-balanced bath gel leaves skin feeling healthy, soft, and conditioned, never tacky or dry.

It softens, moisturizes, and smells delightful while providing a powerful antioxidant boost with green tea and marigold. Bubbly wash is ocularly tested and doesn't sting the eyes. For face, body, scalp, and hair.

BEB Organic products are chosen by America's top hospitals & birthing centers for uncompromising safety standards, proven effectiveness, and their innovative approach to health.

Made in the United States of America

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