8-in-1 Automotive Emergency Tool


This Emergency Multi-tool includes 8 tools in one cleverly designed instrument that fits in the palm of your hand.  It has a Powerful 4 selection LED Flashlight – High bright, Low bright, Flashing strobe, SOS signal and 100 Decibel Siren to ensure you get the attention needed when in trouble.

A Window Breaker inside your vehicle made of Carbon Steel can shatter windows easily or when needed outside you have the ability to rescue others in vehicles with stranded pets or an even small child.

A safety shielded seat belt cutter will to allow yourself or others to get released from the safety restraints in an emergency.

A flashing red strobe light when used with the magnets the device can be mounted to the metal vehicle body of any metal surface to caution oncoming traffic.

What sets this tool apart from any others is the equipped Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, complete with a USB and Micro USB port so that you can recharge your mobile devices.

This feature combined with the incredible ability to charge with HAND CRANK POWER means you will never be out of power and can recharge your phone, and flash light, in any emergency situation.

Let’s hope you or loved ones don’t find yourselves in either, a hurricane, ice storm, a flood, or a serious collision, but take care in the fact that you have the ability to just crank up the power; 1 minute of hand cranking will give you 3 minutes of talk time with your average mobile phone.

Never be left without power again.  Be prepared!

Window Breaker – safely & easily shatter windows in case of emergency

Flashing emergency hazard lights – high visibility, 3-sides red strobe lights

USB Charger – standard USB port for charging cell phones / electronic devices

Razor sharp seatbelt cutter – quickly cut jammed or restricted seat belt webbing – recessed to protect fingers from accidental injury

Smooth hand-crank power generator – NO BATTERIES NEEDED!


Size:  9.5" x 1.96: x 3.1"

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