Cakes in the Window Tea Towel

Cakes in the Window Tea Towel

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Meet your new favorite kitchen towel!  Geometry tea towels are made with Geoweave technology for super-absorbency, fast-drying and superior cleaning.  These kitchen titans are designed to dry faster (which means no more smelly kitchen towel) between washes and an overall fresher kitchen towel experience.  When it comes to picking up dirt, spills, and even bacteria these towels are impressive - the absorbency of the premium microfiber is nearly 7X its weight in liquid.

Made from post-consumer recycled materials:  Recycled polyester, polyamide.  Each towel equals the material of 3.5 post-consumer recycled bottles.  Single sided print, printed in California.

Care:  Machine wash with a mild detergent in warm or hot water. Dry on low heat or no heat. It's best to wash and dry Geometry microfiber towels with other microfiber products only.

Size:  18" x 30"

Note:  Do not use this towel as a potholder or to remove items from the oven.  Since it is made from recycled plastic, it will melt with high heat.

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