Kale & Parmesan Pesto Pasta

Another great recipe that we featured on Sample Saturday was the Kale & Parmesan Pesto Pasta.  This is the Easiest.  Dish.  Ever.  And it's delicious. It's great when you're short on time and need to pull together something tasty - fast. Here's what you'll need: Bella Cucina Kale & Parmesan Pesto (we sell at the store) Cooked pasta (any kind will work, but I think spiral pasta holds the sauce best) Parmesan cheese, grated, optional Fresh kale, optional Leftover chicken or sausage, optional In a bowl, add a few spoonfuls of the Kale & Parmesan Pesto to the drained pasta.  Add more cheese, fresh kale (until wilted) and/or leftover chicken or sausage if desired.  Toss while hot to combine and serve warm.