Holiday Foam Cup Inspiration 

Sometimes you never know when inspiration will strike, and this year the designs for our two most popular foam cups were sparked at random.  Often people ask "How we come up with these things?", so I thought I'd give you a little behind-the-scenes look.As I was breezing through the grocery store to grab lunch one afternoon, I saw an apron that said "Team Naughty".  I immediately thought it would be fun to have cups that say "Team Naughty", but to be fair, you would also need some that say "Team Nice".  So we developed a mixed pack of cups (with 5 of each), so participants can choose which "side" they want to be on.  It makes getting a party beverage interactive AND  a great conversation starter! Our most popular foam cups this season was a nod to pop culture - and it sold out as quickly as we predicted it would!  With all the  "Whip/ Nae Nae" craze this year, I though it would be fun to put the idea on a cup.  After seeing an image on Facebook with a horse-drawn carriage with the lyrics, my creative juices started taking over...  And once I started creating the artwork in Adobe Illustrator, it just seemed funny to have Santa at the reigns - so I added him! Fun, right? Save