Christmas Dinner Centerpiece

DSC_0529This holiday, I went with a slight variation of the centerpiece I used for Christmas dinner last year...  I seem to keep getting stuck on using those gorgeous evergreens, hydrangeas (because I love them so much) and my "new" deer figurines.  So sue me. Luckily,  this time I was able to incorporate an unique piece that my grandmother gave me this past weekend at family Christmas "on the farm" - a gingham enamelware coffee pot.  It was just so cute with its wrap-around pattern and squatty body - I couldn't resist!  That baby became the center of my tablescape pretty much as soon as it was in my grubby little hands.  I think it was just perfect, perched atop a sliced tree trunk, among  boughs of fir and evergreen, adorned with antique glass ornaments and votive candles to complete the look. I just love how it turned out so homey and personal (and even more importantly - SIMPLE)!  Merry Christmas everyone! DSC_0531