Books and Birds Place Card and Menu

For my #booksandbirds Halloween party, since I was going with a literary-theme, I thought that books would be the perfect vessel for the menu, AND serve as place cards too! Using a few books on hand, I created these with pretty minimal effort, using: - Black grosgrain ribbon - Scissors - Hot glue/glue gun - Existing books - Printed "Name Plates" for each guest (you could also do this by hand if you needed to) - Printed Menus 1.  Cut the grosgrain ribbon to fit around the cover of your book, overlapping about 1/2 - 1 inch. 2.  Using a glue gun, secure the grosgrain around the book cover. 3.  Use a dab of hot glue on the back of the "name plate" and affix it to the grosgrain ribbon, carefully hiding the "overlap". DSC_0768sm DSC_0769sm DSC_0773sm DSC_0948For the menu, of course I went with literary-themed courses.  I even made it look like a "Table of Contents". DSC_0861 For this get-together, this is what was on the menu: Julius Caesar {Salad} Crepes of Wrath {Main} Sense and Sensibility {Greens} Edgar Allan Poe-tatoes {Side} Adventures of Huck Finn {Dessert} Tequila Mockingbird {Cocktail}