The First Anniversary - Paper

CaketopperAfter you've said your "I Do"s, it's time to get settled into life as a newlywed couple.  The first year of marriage is exciting, but it's also a lot of change and learning about one another too.  I've heard time and time again that while the "newlywed phase" is a wonderful time, the first year of marriage can be one of the hardest... so your first anniversary is big deal!  It marks a certain level of achievement and hope for the future.  As year as an anniversary arrives, it marks the increase in your investment in one another as a couple, fuels your commitment and solidifies your partnership. Traditionally in the United States, a special gift is associated with each anniversary year, made of a specific material.  Over the years, those gifts increase in substance and value (much like the marriage) - from paper and flowers to silver and gold, and then up to diamonds. and other baubles.  For the first year wedding anniversary gift, "Paper" is the traditional gift of choice. It was originally chosen to symbolically represent the anniversary because of the tremendous strength of the many fibers which bind paper into a solitary sheet. While "paper" may be the tradition- it doesn't mean that you should buy your honey a ream or two from the office supply store!  Here are a few great gift ideas that are paper-related: - personalized stationery (this is great for men and women) - personalized weekly notepad plannerXC11a-501 - a journal Peacock journal2 - a nice pen - a picture frame (including a wedding photo) - letterpress personalized coastersEGR67a_StitchedMonogramAgendaSet - custom note sheets - an agenda or daily planner - a cookbook or special book that would interest your spouse - an anniversary coupon book - an artistic print or poster - tickets to a movie, play, symphony or an airline reservation (to whisk them away on a spontaneous vacay?) ... there are many paper gifts that your sweetie could adore!   Congrats all of you First Anniversary couples!  Cheers!  Here's to many more happy anniversaries ahead!