A Snackle Box To Go

In case you haven't noticed, Snackle Boxes are trending all over the internet... and we recently tried making our own.  The verdict?  We're hooked!  

What is it?  Simply put - it's a Tackle Box with Snacks.

The Snackle Box is a great idea for transporting charcuterie-board-style snacks to the beach or lake or even on a hike.  It's pretty easy to do, and it's lots of fun to enjoy.

Here's how:

1.  Purchase a tackle box or storage box from your local sporting goods or hardware store (or online).  The trick is you don't want one that has divided trays - you want one that has individual compartments that fit together and seal tight on top (or divided compartments that don't adjust).  That way, any juices from the contents of each compartment won't run together and make a mess.  

We went with the Buzbe Tackle Box because the individual compartments come out (for easy cleaning) and snap on a grid inside the box for secure, multiple configurations.

2.  When filling your box, you can fit a variety of snacks - you  just might have to cut them into smaller pieces to make them fit better.  We love the size of our No.1 Salami and Fino Salami because they make perfect, nickle-sized bites that fit really well.  Other good options for filling include:  baby carrots, olives, mini pickles (or sliced pickles), cubed/sliced cheeses, little tomatoes, dried fruit, grapes, marcona almonds, sardines, etc.  Really just about anything you want to snack on, you can probably make work.

If you want to peep all of our charcuterie board foods to see what you think will work with your box, you can HERE.

Make sure your snacks aren't too tall for the lid to close tightly, then lock the box up.

 3.  After you've packed your Snackle Box, load it into a IceMule Cooler Bag with some Ice Packs, throw in a few packages of crackers and head out!  

Having a delicious spread of meats, cheeses and more for your destination is a lot more fun that packing bags of chips.  You can enjoy this feast on the go at the beach, on a boat at the lake, or on top of a mountain after a hike.  You just pack that little Snackle Box anywhere your adventures take you and enjoy!

Pro Tip:  If you're taking the Snackle Box to take on vacation, you can pack a lot of the shelf-stable meats or crackers with you in your suitcase.  Once you arrive at your destination, just shop for the other items like cheeses, olives, etc. to add to it.