Conversation Hearts Valentine's Game

This is one of our favorite games for any Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day get together.  It's easy and great way to get to know your guests!

Conversation Hearts Valentine's Day Game

Before guests get settled in, ask everyone to fill out 2 "Conversation Hearts". This idea was inspired by Darcy Miller's new book, Celebrate Everything - and we love it so much, it's become a tradition.  

HERE is a link to a free printable with the instructions, which can easily be displayed in a basic 4x6 frame.

You can download the conversation heart templates HERE and HERE - just print them out on pastel colored cardstock and cut out by hand.

conversation hearts game rules on Then collect the completed hearts in a fish bowl, and they later they will become your after dinner conversation starters!  It's really fun to guess who each heart belonged to - and it will spark great conversation at your gathering!  You'll learn a lot and laugh a lot too.  Enjoy!

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