10 Best Grad Gifts for High School Grads

Graduation season is here, and it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to get for your favorite graduate(s). Whether you are looking for something practical, useful or just plain fun, we have plenty of options that will make great grad gifts. From makeup cases and fabric steamers for the beauty enthusiasts, to robes and spa wraps for the pampered grads, to tool kits and clear bags for those who need a hand with organization - these thoughtful presents will show you care while also coming in handy! Here's why each of our picks make perfect graduation gifts:

Makeup Cases - A personalized makeup case is the best gift for any beauty enthusiast who loves experimenting with different looks. It can be used to store and organize all their favorite products, while also being lightweight enough to take on planes or a road trip.  Also available in smaller options like the Grande or Chico.

Fabric Steamers - Steamers are ideal for anyone who loves to make a good first impression. They offer a great way to remove wrinkles and freshen up clothes in no time at all, making them great for grads who are about to go on their next adventure - whether that's a party or a job interview.  We have two options - this and this.

Robes & Spa Wraps - When it comes to feeling "at home", nothing beats slipping into a comfortable robe or spa wrap.   With so many cute and luxurious options to personalize and choose from, your grad will definitely appreciate this gift.

Tool Kits - This gift idea if for the DIY-lovers out there.  Most college students living in the dorm or their first apartment also need basic tool sets that can be used to mend broken objects, fix loose screws and hang new artwork.

Clear Bags -  Clear bags are a must for any grad who is about to set off on their first post-grad adventure. Not only do they offer a great way to stay organized, but they make entrance to college sporting events and concerts easy peasy - but in style.

Charging Stations - This USB charging station makes a great gift for the tech-savvy grad because they offer an easy way to charge multiple devices at once... which will definitely come in handy on any upcoming trip or in a shared living space!

Bad Guy Blockers -  We recommend that every college student has one of these to protect themself from hackers exploiting their laptop or computer cameras.  Just slide the Bad Guy Blocker to "hide" your camera so you can choose when you are ready to "be seen".


Makeup Erasers - If you've never tried them, Makeup Erasers are amazing!  Just add warm water and wipe all of your makeup away - really.  They have two sides with different textures that can either "clean" or "exfoliate" your skin too.  Not only are they practical, but they are eco-friendly and reusable, and will last about 3-5 years.  Just use, wash, repeat.

O-Rings & Phone Hook Ups - Being hands-free (while still having everything you need) is the ultimate goal for college-aged girls these days.  Our Silicone O-Rings are awesome because they are sturdy, easy to clean, and will do just that.  Put your keys on it, slide it on your wrist and go about your day.  The phone hook up takes it one step further and allows you to add your phone on the O-Ring too.  So convenient!