You're Cool Popsicle DIY

DIY Popsicle Card by

Summer just started and it's already a scorcher - over 100 degrees every day this week! 

As a special "thank you" for the team working so hard while I'm away at Market and on vacation, I thought it would be fun to give them a little something... so I decided that a gift card to cool off with a gourmet popsicle would be perfect.   This would be a cute idea for a birthday gift card too. You'll need: colored cardstock to print on scissors popsicle sticks (2 per card) double sided tape or hot glue markers - regular or neon chalk markers A9 or 6x9 envelope (optional) colorful washi tape a gift card to a local ice cream or popscicle shop First, download the popsicle template HERE.  Print it out on colored cardstock, then cut out (just inside the dashed lines). Second, use the markers to decorate the pops.  Use a white marker to give the pops dimension and a line down the center.  Then use a contrasting color to write your message (like "You're Cool Emma!").

DIY Popsicle Card by

Third, flip the card over and glue (or hot glue) the popsicle sticks in place.  Next, add the gift card sleeve to the back.

DIY Popsicle Card by barquegifts.comDIY Popsicle Card by

Slip the card into a fun envelope, decorate it, and seal it with washi tape.

DIY Popsicle Card by barquegifts.comDIY Popsicle Card by


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