FANG-tastic Hostess Gift

For several years, our go-to Halloween hostess gift has been disguising a bottle of wine in witch's tights with a tag (see it HERE).  It's still one of the fastest (and cutest) ways to present your party host with wine, but we thought it could use a bit of an update. This FRIGHTFULLY easy presentation only requires a few items: a bottle of wine (or your host's favorite liquor) scissors children's striped costume tights (TIP:  Stock up after Halloween this year when they're on sale!) a black permanent marker cheap vampire fangs (we got ours on Amazon and they are glow in the dark) a gift tag (you can print and cut out THIS ONE for free!  It has three different saying options.) hand held hole punch a paper towel First, print out the tag and cut it out.  Then punch a hole in the upper left corner and use the paper towel as a "placemat" and scribble the edges with permanent marker.  It's ok if you color outside the lines because the paper towel will protect your counter surface.  You just want it to look edgy and messy. Next, cut off one leg of the child's tights.  Insert the wine bottle and trim off the tights at the top.  TIP:  If you leave about 3 inches past the top of the wine bottle, you can fold the edges back to the inside for a more finished look. Finally, tie the ribbon around the bottle neck with the gift tag and vampire fangs. Done!  Can you believe how easy that is?  A creative and adorably scary hostess gift in less than 5 minutes!  You're sure to be a favorite guest at any Halloween get-together if you have one of these in hand. Save Save Save

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