You Can Girl

“I’ve always been independent, and even as a child, I never liked hearing the word “NO”. 😜 In hindsight, having this incredible opportunity to own a store and fulfill a dream should have been the scariest of my life... but it wasn’t. The courage to do what I felt called to do (and what I knew I would enjoy) helped me overcome that fear. TEN years later, I’m so glad I did. I’m so very thankful for a supportive family. I’m grateful for a community who loves on me and respects my input in their life’s milestones. I’m beyond blessed that I can use my God-given talents to benefit others AND pay the bills... It’s NOT always easy. In fact, it’s almost always scary! But it’s worth it. And I pray that any girl with a dream knows she can live hers too - no matter how scary it is. YOU CAN GIRL. . I’ve been told I can’t. I’ve been judged for doing this alone. I’ve had condescending folks tell me I’m wasting my time and that I’m not a “real” business woman... but I’m not doing this for them, and I don’t have to live by their rules. I may not know it all, but I’m willing to learn... and when you pair that with a passion, you’d better watch out - that’s a woman that’s hard to stop!”  - Kandice