The Best Guacamole Hack - the Guac Lock

I’ve been using the Guac Lock for a few years now, but until recently, I hadn’t been able to find a wholesale distributor so we could offer it in the store… Well, I’m happy to say that now we can!  The Guac Lock is here, and it really is one of my favorite hacks for making guacamole ahead of time for a party (or just being able to have it on hand during the week).

Why is the Guac Lock so magical?  It keeps your guacamole green for almost a WEEK in the fridge! It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

How does it work?

The Guac Lock comes with an unique sealed base and locking lid that can slide up to remove air from the container, preventing the guacamole from turning brown.

When you cut an avocado, an enzyme in the flesh of the fruit reacts with oxygen, turning the surface in contact with the oxygen brown.  It’s the same oxidation that happens when you slice an apple.

How do you use the Guac Lock?

First, make your guacamole to taste.

the guac lock on

Then position the Guac Lock with the white ring on the bottom of the sealed base (like a stand).  Spoon your guacamole into the clear ring of the base.

the guac lock on

Attach the green lid by locking it into place, but be sure to keep the flap open, exposing the hole on top.

the guac lock on

Slowly apply pressure to the base by pressing down on the Guac Lock.  The contents inside will be forced upward into the dome of the lid.  

the guac lock on

Once the guacamole is snugly inside the Guac lock and there is no more air on top, close the top latch to seal it.

If you open the container to enjoy your guacamole, be sure to repeat the process of removing the air from the Guac Lock each time for the best results.

This guacamole hack is perfect for making your guac a few days before your next party, or for storing leftover guacamole.  I’ve had mine last at least 5 days in the fridge and still retain its beautiful green color (but Guac around here doesn’t last much longer than that because it’s too irresistible to have on hand - ha!).

If you want to see the magic for yourself, you can get one here.

the guac lock on